This blog is an archive of articles about street children from the media and from blogs. I began to build this archive some time ago when I realized that many articles about street children go offline or become otherwise unavailable shortly after they are published. Even if they remain online it is difficult to find them all. I am compiling them here so that researchers and other interested parties can easily view related articles about street children.

This archive was originally set up on blogspot.com as a collection of individual blogs where each country had its own archive of articles. After some time I realized that researchers interested in a specific subject such as glue-sniffing or prostitution would be unable to search all the country blogs simultaneously for relevant articles. Thus I am now moving all the articles over to this single blog and setting up separate categories for each continent and country. This will enable researchers to search for specific topics and find all stories relating to that topic, regardless of which country or date. This will also make it less cumbersome for me to post new articles.

If you are interested in street children in a specific country or continent, simply click the category link for that country on the right hand side of the page and you will see all the articles about street children in that particular country. Articles are presented in date order with the most recent article first.

Articles are also archived monthly by date of publication.

The articles collected here are only a sample of what is available online as reflected in searches in Google news, blogs and videos. I try to post every item I find but suspect that many are missed. Unfortunately, the only items included here are those published in English and I am sure there are many published in other languages that are not included.

Also, items included here are generally from popular sources rather than academic publications. An excellent bibiliography of scholarly materials is maintained by Joël Mermet, LL.M.BIBLIOGRAPHY ON STREET CHILDREN 

Search facilities:

(NOTE November 30, 2011. This blog archive has been imported from its original location and the following search got lost during the move.)

1. Onsite search: This will search specific categories or sub-categories (month/year, continent or country) and returns complete articles that contain the search terms within the category. For instance, if you wanted to research glue use amongst Philippines street children you would click on the Philippines streetkid news category on the right hand side of the page. This would take you to the Philippines streetkid news category pages. Scroll down to the search box and type in “glue” click “Search” and this site will return a page or pages containing all the Philippines Streetkid News articles that contain the word “glue,” arranged by date,

2. Below the onsite search box is the Google search facility. The default search is within this entire site but you may also search the web. This search returns Google style snippets from each article on the site that contains the search text. It is not possible to search within specific categories using the Google search so a search for “glue” will return snippets from every article on the site that contains the word “glue.”

Visitors will please note that I claim no authorship nor any rights over any of the articles posted here, nor do I make any profit from their reproduction here from ads or commercial activities of any kind. These articles are posted here as a public service and to raise awareness of the plight of street children on our planet.

All articles are linked to their original sources and authors are credited wherever possible. Each article has two titles. The top title is a hyperlink to the article’s own page on this site. If you click it you will be able to see any comments other visitors have made on the post. The second title below is a link to the original source for the article.

Editing: With the exception of formatting changes sometimes necessary to remove advertisements I rarely change anything in the articles that are posted. A consistent exception to this practice is that whenever possible I make links to organizations that are mentioned in the article’s text so that visitors may easily visit those NGOs’ websites.

I hope visitors will find this archive useful. I welcome any comments or suggestions.


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, this material
is distributed without charge or profit to those who have
expressed a prior interest in receiving this type of information
for non-profit research and educational purposes only.


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