Street children kill guard in night raid

Street children kill guard in night raid

Publication Date: 6/10/2008

One security guard was killed and another is fighting for his life at Coast General Hospital in Mombasa after a vicious attack by some street children, a police official said on Monday.

Mombasa police boss Patrick Wafula suspected that the street urchins might have attacked the guards at Nafasi Auto World since the assailants stole vehicle side mirrors and wipers.

Mr Wafula said the attackers set upon the guards, who were fast asleep at the yard that had more than 30 cars.

He said a security firm supervisor on patrol was shocked to find one of them dead and the other groaning in pain as he lay on the ground.

The police official said the assailants climbed over a wall before attacking the guards.


He said the dead man might have been strangled before being hit with a sharp object on the face.

Police, he added, will carry out a crackdown on the street children’s hideouts to apprehend the culprits.

In another case, two people who were arrested and detained for allegedly murdering an elderly man in Taveta have been set free after the court found that their detention was unconstitutional.

Syengo Motoka and Lawrence Kanyingi walked out of Shimo la Tewa Maximum Prison last month after spending eight years behind bars without being tried.

No evidence was brought before the court as the prosecution witnesses never turned up.

Ms Noel Adagi, representing the two suspects, on Monday told the court that her clients’ constitutional rights had been breached owing to the eight-year detention without trial.

Meanwhile, an application seeking to have a Zambian charged with the murder of a Zimbabwean woman released from jail will be heard in July.


The application, filed by Mr Kapwesha Cosmas Sampa through his lawyer Mutavi Maseki, will proceed on July 8.

The accused is being  charged with the murder of Ms Mary Tafa,  in Diani, Kwale, on November 13, 2004. Interpol were also linking the suspect so similar offences in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


One thought on “Street children kill guard in night raid

  1. Well the news that is being taken out of the world for the people read is a warning to next generation.

    I was a street boy for almost 6 years, i survived in the streets for many year that lead me in the life of history, Now I live transformed, there is only one way to transformed the street kids and that is trough the transformation.

    The Identity of this Generation lays on the appraoch of the people of the world.

    we must end this kind of communities in the world, we can not be reading this things online on the news paper and the we just go without finding our the solution.

    We must be awke enough and powerful to act in helping.

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