Religious scholar supports rehabilitation of street kids

Religious scholar supports rehabilitation of street kids

KARACHI, May 6 (APP): Known religious scholar Alsyed Abul Yosuf Hashim has urged ummah to realize its responsibility towards orphan and destitute children belonging to the muslim world.

In a meeting with Sahar Foundation Coordinator,Iftikhar Ghizali, the Kuwait based scholar said rehabilitation of street children and those with one or the other deformity needed special attention.

Alsyed Abul Yosuf Hashim said concerted efforts were required for wellbeing of the destitute children and that states need not to shrug-off its responsibility.

“This is a major challenge for the entire muslim world and all muslims including general population, philanthropists and government authorities need to develop close coordination,” he said.

The scholar appreciated Sahar Foundation for its efforts and said this was a precedence set by sufis and people who loved Allah Almighty and His creation.

Imran Ahmed, Syed Rafiq Shah, Sajid Kazmi and Inayatullah Qadri were also present on the occasion.


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