Street children: a collective responsibility

20/03/2008: The Ministry of Social Affairs has launched a nation wide campaign to recuperate street children in all major towns in Cameroon.

Within the framework of the project, employment and social assistance shall be made available to the street children in other to facilitate integration within their various families. The project which is in its pilot phase shall focus on some 800 children.

Before the execution phase of the project, a training session to acquaint provincial and community resource persons was organised. The session, organised in Yaoundé delved on the complexity of the phenomenon in Cameroon.

The Minister of Social Affairs, Catherine Bakang Mbock announced plans to provide psychological and moral assistance to the children within three years before they reintegrate their families.

In Yaounde, street children hovering around public places, train stations and motor parks have been a course for concern. As young as 13years, some of these children have been left to fend for themselves. They are commonly associated with theft, drug abused sometimes rape.

The ministry of social affairs insist the reintegration is a collective responsibility, exhorting the populations to be part of the exercise.

Pamela Bidjocka, Editor


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