No child’s play! Street kids run a bank

No child’s play! Street kids run a bank
Street kids in Delhi have started investing for their future by saving in a unique bank which is run by them with the help of a NGO.
Danish Siddiqui

New Delhi: Street and working children constitute one of the most disadvantaged sections of society as a result of homelessness, lack of family support, and exclusion from basic services such as health and education.

The Children’s Development Bank at Old Delhi is an initiative to teach adolescents on how to get a better grip on their lives. The bank is run by kids in the age group of 7-18. Initially, these street kids were taught how to budget, maintain accounts, cash, ledgers and pass books by HSBC bank. Children here may not be eligible to vote, but they sure know how to run a bank. The model has been so successful that it has been borrowed by several NGOs in countries like Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
The CDB is a lifeline to these children. It has helped them to improve their lives by encouraging them to save part of their earnings, which will allow them to continue their education, acquire vocational skills, and to even eat nutritious food and stay healthy.


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