Group works to help street children

 Group works to help street children


JAKARTA: A community of young professionals and university students will introduce Jakarta residents to street children in an event on Feb. 17 in Senayan, Central Jakarta.

"The event is being held to introduce people to street children in the hope they will offer them support. It could be a solution to this social problem," Sahabat Anak (Friends of Children) executive Benyamin Lumy said Wednesday, as quoted by Antara.

The organization was formed in 1997 after several young professionals and students organized a jamboree for street children.

It now runs seven educational shelters for more than 300 street children across Jakarta.

The organization offers street children support and an education, and sometimes even reunites children with their parents.

"We feel we have to do something to help these marginalized children rather than staying silent," Benyamin said. — JP


One thought on “Group works to help street children

  1. I would like to come in contact with this group of professionals as my foundation would like to start a project on entrepreneurship for streetkids as a way out of poverty.

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