Talent Festival for the Street Children!

Talent Festival for the Street Children!
Bangalore, Feb. 5. BOSCO, Bangalore organised a cultural fest for 500 street and working children on Don Bosco`s feast. The inspiration is from Don Bosco`s words “Giving an opportunity is greater than feeling pity for the deprived“.
BOSCO, which has been working for the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Street Children for the past 28 years, organized a mega cultural fest for the street and working children of Bangalore on January 31 – Don Bosco`s day (The Founder of the Organisation).  The idea of Don Bosco “Giving an opportunity is greater than feeling pity for the deprived“ was concretized through the various activities of the day

Mr. Chidanand H.C (Dy. Director, DWCD, Bangalore), Mr.Babu Noronha (Inspector of Police, Central Police Station, Chamarajpet), Dr.Joseph Xavior (Doctor, St Martha`s Hospital) graced the occasion during the inauguration of the cultural extravaganza. Mr. Chidananda while thanking BOSCO for organizing the event appealed to all the children “To steal the opportunity and let this platform be one for the future artists“.  Mr. Babu Noronha Police Inspector, Chamrajpet Central Police Station narrated his own tough and hard past life, and triggered the children to achieve great things through hard work.

The event witnessed Children from 15 NGOs of Bangalore Forum for Street and Working Children coming well in advance in their color attire. There were 500 children who were present on the occasion. The whole programme was unique for the children to exhibit their hidden talents in competitions like street plays, theme based tableaus, group songs and group dances etc.

The culmination of the whole day`s event was in the valedictory function. Dignitaries like Dr. Shalini Rajneesh IAS (Principal Secretary -DWCD, Govt. of Karnataka, Mr.Davis Rodriges (Manager, Canara Bank) presided over the function and distributed the prizes to the winners. Navajeevana took home the ever rolling trophy, winning maximum number of points.

While addressing the children all the dignitaries echoed in the same tone to hundreds of street and working children gathered in the function, that “the service that is rendered to the needy children will bear much fruit only when the children make use the opportunities to the maximum“.

Children have gone home with this message and items performed by them clearly indicated the great potentials in some of them.  The whole event left behind lots of lessons for the participants. It was a great day for them to mingle with others from different organization. The event also created a sense of belonging and brotherhood. There was healthy competition.

Those who won expressed their joy in receiving the reward for their hard work while those who participated did express that they will work harder and try to win a prize next time.

Let us continue working together to provide these children with more opportunities.


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