Social worker decries increasing number of street children

Social worker decries increasing number of street children
• Wednesday, Jan 30, 2008

A social worker, Rev. Dele George has urged the various tiers of government to evolve a mechanism for the rehabilitation of street children in Nigeria.

George told newsmen in Lagos on Friday that the increasing number of street children constituted “social menace”.

According to her, such children are being exposed to hard lives, abuse, robbery and other social vices.

George, Founder of Little Saints Orphanage, regretted that government had yet to fully tackle the menace of street children decisively.

“There is the urgent need to address the increasing number of children on the streets today. Government, at all levels, should put structures in place for their rehabilitation.

“It will not be enough to say we have evacuated children from the streets, but also of importance is where to take them”, George said.

She also called for the people’s assistance in addressing the plight of street children.

“Rather than give alms to these children, we should direct such resources to their development”, George said.


3 thoughts on “Social worker decries increasing number of street children

  1. There is a way you can help the children of Nigeria if you would like. I have been researching this for a while and have created a blog with information and two petitions that can be signed protesting against the treatment of the children and the so called pastors that are extorting the parents of the children. Please consider signing them for the children.

    Thank you for posting this, the more the word about this gets out the better.

    Thank you,

  2. Please, we are children, don’t let us become cold and vicious inside, cos nobody took care of us! We are your future, we love you now…for your own good help us plz. We need love to grow, somebody to listen to us, for we are hurt! Food is not enough, we need a family, a loving surrounding, as any other kid in the world does And has the right too, for every child is sacred, a gift from God, we all have the responsability to take sweet care of every child!
    a mother and grandmother

  3. In Yola, our organisation is building a centre for street children, with an orphanage, school and skills training centre. We rent buildings to industry, which helps the project become self sustaining.

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