C.C. Y. O vows to help street children in Sierra Leone.

 C.C. Y. O vows to help street children in Sierra Leone.
By Bampia J. Bundu
Jan 10, 2008, 17:15

The Concern for Children and Youth Organization (CCYO) on Monday 7th January 2008 vowed to guarantee help to street children to achieve a brighter and sustainable future.

Speaking at a press conference held by CCYO, the programme director Mr. George Freeman stated that Concern for Children and Youth Organisation is a non-government and non-profit making organization which was established on the 24th May 2006 by him and other young, talented youths.

The founding director noted that their vision and mission were to create positive change in the quest for sustainable development and to enhance and improve the lives of children and youths for a brighter and sustainable future.

Mr. Freeman further stated that children and youths have become the prey of drug barons, human traffickers and prime targets for prostitution due to poverty.

To a large extent youths and children were the unwitting perpetrators and victims of the ten-year war the nation endured just five years back, and their continued plight has the potential to make this nation implode. Mr. Freeman noted.

He also stated that some of the street children are being treated callously be society in a manner the civilize world would frown at.

Thousands of them need protection which has not been forthcoming and such protection is necessary as many of them were orphaned as a result of the war.

Director Freeman also said that their organization is poised to help government’s effort to enhance the lives of children in pursuit of a better and brighter future.

In his own contribution the director of Amnesty International, Mr. Brima A. Sheriff stated that their organisation has been working side by side with the CCYO and that their collaboration over the years has been fruitfully in their combined effort to salvage street children nationwide.

Another contributor, the PRO of CCYO Mr. Mamadu emphasized the relentless efforts of the CCYO in pursuing, identifying and bringing street children and youths on board their programme in order to rescue them from their plight.

He intimated further that they intend to submit a report of their activities to the Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs as well as the youth department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.


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