Four sentenced in jockey stabbing

Four sentenced in jockey stabbing

Nomahlubi Sonjica COURT REPORTER

FOUR Port Elizabeth homeless people received suspended sentences yesterday for stabbing former jockey Quinton Boutell to death last year.

The accused, aged between 16 and 19, pleaded guilty to murdering Boutell for his cellphone, wallet and a pair of shoes.

Boutell , 52, and Debra Fleisman, 42, were walking home from the Blinking Owl Pub ‘n Grub in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, when they were attacked by the four.

A 17-year-old boy, regarded as a minor, is to be sent to a reformatory school on the recommendation of a probation officer.

The three others, all girls, were sentenced to three years, suspended for five years, on condition that they were not convicted of robbery and that they co-operated with the social workers. They were warned to stay at home and not sleep on the streets.

They were also declared unfit to possess firearms.


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