Major programme aims upgrading agriculture in rural areas

Major programme aims upgrading agriculture in rural areas

The Social Services and Social Welfare Ministry has launched a major programme to upgrade the agricultural activities in the rural areas and create self-employment opportunities for youth. The programme will be launched according to a concept of Social Services and Social Welfare Deputy Minister Lionel Premasiri, a Social Services and Social Welfare Ministry spokesman said.

He said discussions have already been conducted with several NGOs to obtain financial assistance for the programme which is aimed at producing compost fertiliser production and bio gas production plants. Arrangements have already been made to provide vocational training, computer training and English language training for unemployed youth.

A special welfare project will also be launched for street children soon. Lionel Premasiri Foundation and International Social Service Organisation jointly fund this project. Some street children are being used for robberies and similar crimes. Under the welfare programme the street children will be rehabilitated under three categories as non-schooling, school drop-outs and schooling street children.

Arrangements will be made to provide school education for non schooling street children and direct them to their respective religious institutions. School education will be provided for school drop-outs up to secondary level. Schooling street children will be directed to their respective religious institutions to discipline them.

The street children will be given their childhood back through organising children’s programmes, camps and other activities.

The second phase of ‘Nenasara Sisujaya’ scholarship programme will entirely be allocated for the street children. Police stations, Social Service Officers and other related State officials will be co-ordinating the project.

Several social services and social welfare programmes were conducted to mark the birthday of Deputy Minister Premasiri. Addressing the ceremony he said wanted to do social welfare projects to mark his birthday rather than going to Singapore or Bangkok like other politicians.


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