Tanishaa’s sudden visit to street kids

 Tanishaa’s sudden visit to street kids
14 Nov 2007, 0000 hrs IST,NIMISHA TIWARI ,TNN

FUN TIME: BT caught Tanishaa playing with street kids at Azad Maidan on Children’s Day (TOI Photo)
For a Children’s Day surprise, the street urchins hanging around South Mumbai’s Azad Maidan could not have asked for anything as glamorous as Bollywood actress Tanishaa.

But there they were yesterday morning, begging early morning office-goers for a few coins to buy their vada pav breakfast, when her car drew up and she spilled out dressed in a pretty pink halter top and white capris.

Tanishaa, God bless, came with packets of biscuits and other food that she proceeded to distribute among the grubby hands that reached out to her.

Among the kids, Rabi and Jhelur Kumar, who are nine and eight respectively, were humming Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa umindful of the fact that the actress has nothing to do with this Himesh Reshammiya number. Watching them tear into the biscuits, Tanishaa said, “It’s heart wrenching to see street urchins malnourished while kids from privileged families have to be put on special diets!”

She herself was a pampered girl at home many years ago. But now, Tanishaa proudly said, that privileged position had been occupied by her lovable niece Nysa — elder sister Kajol and Ajay Devgan’s daughter. “It’s a great feeling to be an aunt,” said Tanishaa.

Meanwhile, the street kids danced in a circle around her. One shy 12-year-old boy commented, “ Jahan mulgi, wahin hum ,” catching Tanisha’s attention. She giggled, “Aisa comment karega toh tumko koi ladki nahin milega .”

The surprise visitor then squatted on the maidan and asked her new friends, “Do you go to school? Do you get to watch movies?” The street urchins replied, “Few of us go to school. Some didis take us there. And we really like action movies and dance numbers. Kareena Kapoor and Bipasha Basu are very beautiful. We like to dance on Himesh’s songs. Salman Khan is our all-time favourite, so is Shah Rukh Khan. They are always the good guys. They beat up all the bad guys!”

Sadly, rather touchingly, in fact, the kids did not know or recognise the Bollywood star who had devoted a little time of her morning to make their day. As Tanishaa drove away, one was heard asking, “ Yeh didi ka naam kya hain ?”



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