Rwanda takes ICT to street kids


Rwanda takes ICT to street kids

PANA, photo: Lindsay Stark
Rwanda will launch an extensive campaign aimed at taking Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to street boys in the country, its Minister of Education, Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, announced here Monday.
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The project, initiated in Africa by American computer scientist John Negroponte, is aimed at equipping every Rwandan child with a laptop.

According to the Minister, "it is an ambitious project, which aims at attracting street boys to discover and appreciate the advantages of ICT."

She said the project would also lead to a change of behaviour on the part of the boys, resulting in the reduction in the use of dangerous drugs and vices that can lead to HIV/AIDS.

Although the Minister said the laptops would also be given out to children in all primary schools in the country, she did not say when the project would start or how many laptops would be made available.

During last month’s International summit on ICT, designated "Connect Africa" which was hosted in Kigali, representatives of major computer firms and top government officials set for themselves the goal of ensuring internet access to every African in 2012.

At least US$ 300 million will be invested in projects which will promote Information and Communication Technology in Africa, according to a communique issued at the end of that summit.



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