Abandoned – XII

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Abandoned – XII, originally uploaded by carf.

Wender and Fabio, two street kids in the process of leaving the streets at CARF’s recuperation centre in the outskirts of São Paulo in 1993.

Sadly, Wender was treacherously gunned down a few years after having left the streets and died in the gutters he so couragiously fought to leave behind.

Happily Fábio is still around and lives an independent life today, dabbling with graphics and web design amongst other things.

Photo by Eirik Brekke – CARF

Children At Risk Foundation – CARF


One thought on “Abandoned – XII

  1. Do you have any updated photos of them so that we could see what they look like today, or have they opted against them being shown in order to keep their identities private? Thanks.

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