Kenya: Street Children’s Lobby Accuses Police

Kenya: Street Children’s Lobby Accuses Police
The Nation (Nairobi)

9 November 2007
Posted to the web 8 November 2007

David Macharia

Police were on Thursday accused of failing to take action on those who sell glue to street children.

Officials of Ex-Street Children Community Based Organisation Joshua Lubale (chairman), Benson Juma Akumu (organising secretary) and Peter Njenga (secretary) said sniffing of glue by street children was widespread in Eldoret.

The organisation was founded by former street boys in the town.

The officials said in Eldoret that it was easy to pick out the shops and individuals who sold glue to the children.

Most of the children, they said, were willing to reveal their source of the substance.

The Children’s Act 2001 protects young ones from use of hallucinogens, narcotic and psychotropic drugs or from being involved in their production, trafficking or distribution.

The officials also accused quacks who had invaded charitable organisations, and especially children’s homes, saying they were using them for monetary gain.

They called on those willing to give donations to liaise with the district children’s officers to be shown the genuine homes.

Food and clothing

They said the quacks were using food and clothing donations to attract children to the streets from recognised rehabilitation centres particularly in Eldoret.


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