Help ex street children in Lima, Peru with The Colour of Hope Charity

Help ex street children in Lima, Peru with The Colour of Hope Charity
The Colour of Hope is a British Charity aiming to reduce poverty, promote employment and advance education amongst disadvantaged people in Peru. Together with Peruvian Charity, CEAAPRIS, we are currently helping underprivileged young people leaving care homes in Lima, Peru’s capital city. The majority of these young people have previously lived on the street and suffered abuse, extreme poverty and drug addiction. Once they turn 18 they have to leave their homes, and the problems of their past, lack of support from their families and insufficient funds make finding work and supporting themselves almost impossible. Many end up exactly where they started – on the streets. Our aim is to help them become part of their community and find dignified work, thereby preventing the downward spiral into poverty, crime and drug abuse. Please get in contact if you’d like more information about The Colour of Hope or if you can give us a hand – the most effective ways to help include sponsoring a young adult, organising a fundraiser, making a donation or volunteering in Peru. Please help these young adults to become the independent and successful people they deserve to be. Please give them a chance for change. President –


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