Dominican Tourism Police will ID vendors, rescues street children

Dominican Tourism Police will ID vendors, rescues street children

SANTO DOMINGO.- Tourism Police (Politur) director Manuel Rodriguez said on Wednesday street vendors in the Conde Peatonal, Columbus park and the Colonial Zone will be given ID cards, after they pass doping tests.

He said patrols in the Colonial Zone will be increased with Politur and municipal agents.

Rodriguez said the vendors would be given an ID card to prevent thugs from infiltrating the business to commit crimes and would benefit from the program because it would prevent addicts or those with criminal records from jeopardizing the activity.

He said those who result positive in the dope tests will not be given an ID, and instead be taken to a detox center, so they can again work as vendors. "This program we are going to develop will be with the utmost possible respect and using a personal doctor, orientation and psychologists so they understand the importance of living a completely wholesome life."

Rodriguez said the organizations of vendors, retailers and hoteliers support Politur’s program.

Street children

The official also said the program to rescue minors who roam the streets, beaches and avenues advances, and the children are taken to shelters operated by the Office of the First Lady and other government agencies. He said the program will also include Boca Chica, Juan Dolio and other places tourists frequent by the thousands.

He said the increase in day and night patrols in the Colonial Zoneand other areas would afford more protection for tourists and businesses. "For those efforts we have the support of the Tourism Ministry, the National Police and the mayor Roberto Salcedo and the retailers and hoteliers themselves."


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