‘Special squads to help ‘street children’ of Johor

‘Special squads to help ‘street children’ of Johor

MUAR: Special squads will be formed by the state to help “street children” found loitering in Johor Baru. 

The squads will help and guide these children and provide then with skills training. 

State Women, Family and Community Development Committee chairman Dr Robia Kosai said NGOs, organisations and the public would be asked to join hands with the state in the effort. 

She said the children, mostly aged between 11 and 19, had been roaming the city, including in the wee hours, although many had parents. 

“We want to save these children before they get into trouble and become a nuisance. Plans are under way to set up special squads to help guide, train and advise these children,” she said. 

Dr Robia said the state government had set up a special committee to handle the issue, adding that juvenile court advisers in all districts would also be roped in. 

She said some of the children were known to be sniffing glue, engaging in casual sex and other immoral activities. 

She said these children would usually leave their homes after their parents had gone to bed. 

A recent raid in Johor Baru by the Welfare Department resulted in 50 such wayward children being rounded up, she said, adding that most were dropouts.  

“We welcome views from the public on how best to tackle this problem. We have to act fast,” she added.


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