Retired GP leads relief trip to Peru

Retired GP leads relief trip to Peru

A RETIRED GP from Dalkeith is to lead Rotarians on a fact-finding mission to Peru next year to find out how to help street-children living in poverty.

Hilary Watkinson, Dalkeith Rotary Club’s international convener, will lead the mission to the South American country where she served as a volunteer with humanitarian aid charity The Vine Trust last year.

Dr Watkinson spent three months on mercy ship Amazon Hope after retiring from her medical practice in Bonnyrigg. During her time on the ship, she was featured on STV’s Amazon Heartbeat series about how care is provided for street children in Lima.

The Rotarian mission will find out how medical aid can be brought to poverty-stricken families in shanty towns across the Amazon basin.

Dr Watkinson said: "Much detailed planning has still to be done, but the trip will be an outstanding opportunity to see how money donated in Scotland brings relief to some of the poorest people on Earth."

The party will consist mainly of members of Dalkeith Rotary Club and their partners.

However, a limited number of places are also on offer to people keen to learn more about alleviation of suffering in developing countries.


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