Ex-street children seek help

Ex-street children seek help
Jane Nafula

A group of orphans and former street children from Kampala and Mpigi Districts have appealed to good samaritans to contribute towards the construction of a spacious home for them.

The children made the appeal at a breakfast meeting in Kampala on August 25.
The group, which also comprises former child sex workers and other vulnerable children, said the accommodation that is being provided by Mother2Mother prayer Link ministries is inadequate.

The new home, which will be located in Mpigi, is estimated to cost Shs31.1 million. " We appeal to well wishers to support Mama Agatha so that she can build us a bigger house where each one of us will be able to sleep on a single bed," said a 12-year-old Kerement Kiggundu.

Kiggundu is an orphan and a former street child who was picked from Kampala streets by the Director of Mother2Mother, Ms Agatha Idusso.

He said he came to Kampala from Gomba in Mpigi District when his aunt, who was looking after him, started mistreating him. "My aunt used to beat me a lot and she could serve me little food. So I decided to leave her home and that is how I ended up in Kampala," Kiggundu said.

Kiggundu was taken to his aunt’s place after the death of his parents.
David Kagimu, 12, an orphan echoed Kiggundu’s request.
"We kindly ask you to build us a home. We also want to be like other children with homes," Kagimu said. Kagimu said his father died in 2001 but his mother is still alive.

He, however, said she cannot look after them. Kagimu said his mother lives in Kasubi,a Kampala suburb and that she hawks yellow bananas in the Old Taxi Park.
Mother2Mother is currently looking after 33 vulnerable children. Ms Idduso said every child has been rehabilitated and taken back to school.


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