Children of the Light Orphanage, Honduras

Children of the Light Orphanage, Honduras
This is a short video slide show of The Children of the Light Orphanage in La Ceiba, Honduras. On July 2nd-July 11th, 2007, the 19 individuals pictured in the photos traveled to Honduras and spent time with the 22 Orphans in the project.

Los Ninos de la Luz, or the Children of the Light, is located in a reserved section of La Ceiba, Honduras. It was founded by Bill Kwiatkowski in 1994 and currently houses 22 boys who would be otherwise homeless. There are aggressive plans to build a new residence hall to house an additional 40 boys.

The Children of the Light (COTL) will provide the Honduran children with an alternative to life off the streets, showing by way of words and deeds the love, mercy and compassion of God. The many boys have all be rescued from various forms of abuse and homelessness. The COTL see drug addiction as a significant problem in Honduras and one of it’s goals is to help the children of Honduras resist the temptation of drugs and care for the already addicted. One method COTL will use to reach this goal is to provide a clean and safe haven for the children to go as an alternative to living on the streets. By providing shelter, food and spiritual guidance , we hope to provide a family atmosphere where children can live and receive an education through the attention and love of caring workers. Our goal is to help the needy children become productive citizens. COTL’s goal is to work with the whole person; body, mind and soul.

You can help in many ways. You can donate by telephone by calling 011-504-3304-1414, or donate by mail at the address listed at the official website below!


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