Homeless kids

Homeless kids
Provided By: Ketchuppopsicle
… sorta documentary? idk… but it’s something i’ve been interested in for awhile and so when i met these two it was after i got home from the bus station. David had mentioned them and while i was gone they had been staying in the garage for a few days. When i got back there they were. I heard they were homeless and we went to walmart to get them $20 worth of food.

The second part is very personal, and i’m waiting until tomorrow to see if i can get ahold of them to ask if i can put it up.. maybe David will know where they are.
I don’t know whether i will actually be able to get in contact with them but i will definately try. They weren’t here when i woke up this afternoon…

By putting this up i’m not trying to expose or exploit them, i guess i just found them interesting and thought other people would as well.



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