Cafe worker filmed girls having sex

Cafe worker filmed girls having sex

Article from: AAP

By Todd Cardy

July 27, 2007 05:08pm

A CAFE worker who photographed and filmed teenage girls having sex with him in his city apartment cast an evil spell over his young victims, an Adelaide court was told today.

In the South Australian District Court, Judge David Smith today jailed David Andrew Robinson, 43, for eight years for using his home as a drop-in centre for girls who lived on the street.

The court was told Robinson befriended four girls, aged 13 to 16, whom he’d met while working at a cafe, and enticed them to his apartment where he plied them with alcohol and marijuana and gave them money.

Robinson then photographed and filmed the girls posing in sexual positions and having sex with him, sometimes with more than one girl at a time, the court was told.

The offences began in October 2004 and continued until March 2006, when Robinson’s apartment was raided by police on an unrelated offence.

More then 100 images of the girls deemed to be child pornography were found on his computer, including several videos, which were seized in the raid.

Robinson last year pleaded guilty to six counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, two of indecent assault and one of procuring a child to commit an indecent act.

He also pleaded guilty to four counts of producing, and two of possessing, child pornography.

Judge Smith said Robinson had preyed on vulnerable street children in the most reprehensible way.

"One of the girls lamented your arrest … saying she had loved hanging out at your place and was saddened at the loss of somewhere to escape, such was the evil spell you cast on these girls," Judge Smith said.

Robinson will be eligible for parole in May 2011.

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