Runaway children find a home away from home in Secunderabd

Runaway children find a home away from home in Secunderabd

By Narendra

Secunderbad, July 17:

Many orphans and runaway children from different parts of Hyderabad are learning how to lead a purposeful life at "Forum for Street Children" here.

Situated at the Rashtrapati Road in Secunderabad, the forum’s objective is to help children lead a purposeful life with proper education.

Forum for Street Children provides a home that ensures a proper upbringing and education to orphans and those children who run away from their homes for various reasons.

Gafur, one of the kids at the special home, said: "I left home as my parents did not let me study. It’s been four years here. The place is nice. My parents never come here to meet me."

This special home has various facilities like playthings and cable television for entertainment.

Chand Pasha, another inmate, said: "My parents had no money to educate me. I don’t have mother, my father comes here to meet me. The place is nice and even provides food."

Kasim who is in-charge of the Forum for Street Children, said: "There are many kids whose parents neglect them after their second marriage or who are pushed to work. They find a place here."

Forum for street children, which is being financed by personal donations, provides shelter home of fifty children.


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