Street kids bring their lives to stage

Street kids bring their lives to stage
Express News Service

Lucknow, July 03: ‘Safar Sahasi Sonu Ka’, was staged by the Nisarg amateur theatre group as part of the Josh-e-Bachpan theatre festival on Tuesday evening.

Staged at the Valmiki auditorium, the play narrated the story of a boy named Sonu. He left his house in search of freedom. But his life took a turn for the worse as he was forced to become part of a criminal gang. He turned over a new leaf and started studying with the help of some social workers. His story has now become an example for hundreds of children living on railway platforms across India.

Destitute children had prepared the play with support from Ehsas, an NGO working with street children.

The writer and director, Lalit Singh Pokhariya, said the story was etched from the children’s own lives and experiences. “To break the ice, we all shared our experiences. Then, I weaved the play together to tell their individual yet collective stories. This play has helped us get closer to the kids and bring them into the mainstream,” said Pokhariya.

He added that the play highlights the fact that children are being exploited and the need for NGOs to give a new direction to their life.

Though amateurs, the child actors performed their roles to the tee. The cast included Suraj, Rohit, Chandan, Rahul, Varun, Ajay, Rafique, Himanshu, Sonu, Sameer, Mohit, Mohan and Ramu. Nisarg’s Arum Mitra and Preeti Srivastava were also well suited to their roles.

Organiser Praveen Chandra said, “The Josh theatre group has been organising theatre festivals for children from the past four years.”


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