Man arrested for molesting street children in Andhra city

Man arrested for molesting street children in Andhra city


Hyderabad: Police in southern India arrested a gay man for sodomising 30 young boys and killing one – most of whom were poor street children, an officer said yesterday.

Over a period of two years, construction worker Gundu Shiva used to entice the boys with chocolates and video games in the coastal city of Vijayawada – 265 kilometres southeast of Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pradesh state.

He would then sodomise them and force them to indulge in other sexual acts like oral sex, said police, adding the children were often too scared to tell anyone.


Shiva came under suspicion in February during a police investigation into the murder of a boy in the city, Police Commissioner C.V. Anand said.

Police said Shiva had told them he was gay and is married with two children.

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He was charged with murder and unnatural sex, which carries a sentence of at least 10 years imprisonment.

In December, India was horrified after police discovered the remains of around 20 people – mostly children, who had been raped and murdered -stuffed in drains in Noida, a town in the outskirts of New Delhi.


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