Council bet to sacrifice half of salary for child-scholars

Council bet to sacrifice half of salary for child-scholars

BANKEROHAN barangay chief and City Council candidate Edgar Ibuyan is offering half of his salary for the scholarship of street-children if ever he gets elected as councilor this coming May elections.

Ibuyan, who is running under the ticket of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod, said he will be making a legacy at the City Council to be the first councilor to sacrifice his salary.

“We can’t deny the fact that there are really a lot of street-children in various areas here in the city and they need the proper care and attention. This is my priority — where I’ll send them to school for free,” Ibuyan said in a statement.

In his barangay, Ibuyan has a scholarship program where more than 100 elementary and close to 200 high school students benefited.

He admitted though that the scholarship he is planning, if he becomes councilor, will be at a very limited basis and depending on the availability of funds.

“We will start first in elementary then high school since our salary is not that big to get college scholars,” Ibuyan said.

He assured though that, if elected, he will sponsor an ordinance where the City Government would allocate funds for scholarship program to poor yet deserving students living here in the city.

Ibuyan’s concern for the poor and abandoned children is one of the reasons why Mayor Duterte urged Ibuyan to run for councilor of the 1st district.

It was learned that Ibuyan’s residence has become some sort of an orphanage since he is taking care to some 30 street-children who were rescued from the streets two months ago. Aside from providing food, shelter and clothing, Ibuyan also sees to it that the street urchins were taught with moral values for their transformation.

“I really don’t want them to be another victim of salvaging. I want them to realize that they still have a bright future ahead of them,” Ibuyan said.


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