Street kids dance their way to glory

Street kids dance their way to glory

One way to achieve happiness is through dancing. And this is what a number of street and working children in the Capital seem to believe.

They now have got an opportunity to perform in front of an audience with professionals from the Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts (SDIPA) taking the judges’ seat.

The talent show "Chhupey Rustum" organised by a Delhi-based non-government organisation, Childhood Enhancement through Training and Action (CHETNA), in collaboration with SDIPA will be held at Bal Bhavan in New Delhi on Wednesday.

There will be three rounds, at the end of which six children will get a chance to get enrolled and trained at SDIPA free of cost.

Group performances

This show will also have group performances by street children working at railway stations.

Two of these group performances have been choreographed by Deepak and Sunil, who work as casual labourers.

For Shaukeen, who apart from studying also works as a carpenter, this will be an opportunity to become a professional dancer.

"I want to be the next Hrithik Roshan," says the 13-year-old boy. — Madhur Tankha


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