Street Children in Kenya – Grandsons of Abraham

Street Children in Kenya – Grandsons of Abraham
The idea that any child should have to support themselves while living on the street is a sad one. This video portrays the experience of two i-to-i volunteers that work at the Grandsons of Abraham center in Mombasa, Kenya. The house is a center for kids who do in fact essentially live on the streets. The goal of the center is to show these kids some love and guidance, which will hopefully lead them into a life off the streets and into schools or vocational jobs. None of the children are forced into the program and are there entirely by choice. For many of the children who come from abusive homes, it is an easy choice to make. The volunteers assist with the school lessons, as well as with cooking, games, and pretty much every part of the center. They also operate sometimes as house parents and keep an eye on the kids in their lodgings. The experience is not all work and no play for the volunteers, as they tell how they sometimes spend their weekends at beach cottages on the South African shore and enjoy the scenery of the amazing country.


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