City monitors street dealers

City monitors street dealers

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A TASKFORCE has been formed to keep street kids, shoeshine boys and swordsellers in line while they do business on the streets of Lautoka.

The force is made up of members of these street groups, along with the Lautoka City Council, the police force and the army.

Lautoka town clerk Pusp Raj said the taskforce was formed to ensure the boys were doing the right thing.

The move comes after a meeting last month between the council, and the city’s shoeshine boys and swordsellers on how the council could help the groups do business. Mr Raj said on many occasions the council had received complaints about the behaviour and loitering of the street kids, shoeshine boys and sword sellers.

Mr Raj said before the stakeholders meeting the council would receive regular complaints from members of the public regarding the street kids sleeping at Churchill Park or drinking in the area.

He said the council had invested about $130,000 into Churchill Park.

"Churchill Park is a public place and we need to keep the place clean at all times," he said

"It’s not a good sight to see young boys sleeping in the park or doing their washing or drinking spirit mixed with water."


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