Street children gather at Bangalore mela

Street children gather at Bangalore mela
NDTV Correspondent

Tuesday, March 6, 2007 (Bangalore):

Over 6000 underprivileged children gathered at Bala Mela in Bangalore. They are mostly rescued child labourers or street children.

The children shared their views with the Minister of Women and Child Welfare HK Kuramaraswamy amid concern over the ban on child labour.

"My father passed away, my mother has cancer and i am the oldest son in the family. I have to work. They have banned child labour how will the government solve my problem," asks Vijay Bhaskar.

That is the kind of problem that no law has an answer to and it goes without saying that no dignitary at the mela had a solution to Vijay Bhaskar’s problem.

But the point of the mela was to show the kids a good time and help them leave their problems behind at least for a day.

And sure enough they had a ball as they played, ate and interacted with child director Kishan who had some words of advice for them.

"When I saw kids on the street selling newspapers it’s always made me wonder why they don’t get an education like us," Kishan said.

No doubt every one of the children dream of an education but for now they were happy taking time off at the Bala Mela.


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