Uganda: Soroti Street Kids Rounded Up

Uganda: Soroti Street Kids Rounded Up
New Vision (Kampala)

February 15, 2007
Posted to the web February 16, 2007

John Omoding And Salume Among

FOLLOWING a public outcry, the Police in Soroti have rounded up over 20 street children. The district Police commander, Sam Musisi, said they were found on verandas and corridors where the majority of them sleep.

"The public has been accusing them of gang raping women, snatching phones and beating people at night."
Western Union

The incursion of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels into Teso region forced over 300,000 people into Soroti town.

But since there is relative peace, internally displaced people are returning to their villages although many children have been left behind, loitering on the streets of Soroti town.

The Police revealed that the children inhale petrol and gum used for mending shoes, which intoxicates them.

The CID chief, Fred Mugungu: lamented: "Most of these children have grown up and pose a big security threat.

"On many occasions, we arrest them for breaking into peoples’ houses. They have become a nuisance."

The CID chief explained that the Police would reunite the children with their families. They are still at the Police station.


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