Uganda: She Has a Soft Spot for Street Kids

Uganda: She Has a Soft Spot for Street Kids
The Monitor (Kampala)

February 11, 2007
Posted to the web February 12, 2007

Nabilah Ssempala is the Woman MP for Kampala. She recently opened up a Food Pantry and Childcare centre to cater for needy children. She talked to Sarah Acen about the activities she undertakes her life

How did you come up with this food pantry idea?

The whole idea started after I joined politics. I wanted to make a difference, my desire was to change my community and country into a better place to live in. I was inspired by the growing need to address the issue of street children, which has become a national shame. As a leader, I feel it is my duty to assist these street children.

Where do you get funds?

I have a team of volunteers and support staff that cater for the children; the project also counsels and educates children.

What services do you offer?

Through our emergency client service program, we offer food and clothing to children and their families.

Who is your target group?

Our target is to assist over 4,000 disadvantaged children living in Kampala. They will receive medical care, rehabilitation and referral to other charity organisations.

Do you have any partner?

Yes. In addition to starting up my own Food Pantry and Child care Centre, I am also working with many NGOs in the area to ensure that street children are taken care of. Among these are Uganda Muslim Dawa Association, Faith Healing Centre, Kisenyi Youth Development Association and Tulina Essubbi Development Association. I also have links with local counsellors who reach needy children. UNICEF has accepted to fund the resettlement of some the Karimojong children to a reception centre in Karimojong.

Do you find it easy or hard working with children?

Associating with kids has always been my duty. I think children are the most interesting people. They make everybody happy. It’s fulfilling working with them because they are innocent. They are custodians of innocence and should not be left to suffer.


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