The Children of Leningradsky

The Children of Leningradsky
Hanna Polak
33 min 37 sec – 4-Feb-2007
Nominated for the 2004 Academy Award® for Best Documentary, Short Subject, this documentary takes an intimate and heartbreaking look at a group of homeless children living in and around a Moscow train station.

Please visit the website and help these children.


One thought on “The Children of Leningradsky

  1. what is being done now by the united states to end this cruelty against these innocent children who can’t defend themselves? why is the Leningradsky government not protecting its own future? What is being done with individuals money given to your organization to directly help the children not for the organization to develop great wealth and nothing is done that will affect the kids such as C.C.F. did? Please call me I would like to get more info on this?(802-338-5815).

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