10 rescued street children leave for home States

10 rescued street children leave for home States

Staff Reporter

RETURNING HOME: The children rescued from the streets in the State who left for their home States from the city on Wednesday.

KOCHI: Ten children rescued from the streets in Kerala started the journey back to their home States, with the help of Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan, from here on Wednesday.

With permission from the Ernakulam Chief Judicial Magistrate, they took a train from here in the evening. The Sneha Bhavan staff are accompanying them.

Praveen Kumar, Salman, Sharon, Sivakumar, Ravikumar, Kumar P., Satheesh, Arjun, Yuvaraj and Aslam had either run off from their homes or been kidnapped. The police and social organisations such as Child Line had rescued them.

During the past month, the children had been under the care of the Sneha Bhavan, which had been working in association with the city Corporation for 32 years for the welfare of children left on the streets under various circumstances.

A rehabilitation programme for them is being implemented with the cooperation of the Don Bosco network in the country.

Aslam, who hails from Tamil Nadu, will be taken to his home by the Don Bosco Anpu Illam in Coimbatore. Praveen, Salman, Saran, Sivakumar and Ravi, who are from Karnataka, will be rehabilitated by the Bangalore-based organisation Bosco.

Kumar, Satheesh, Arjun and Yuvaraj will be rehabilitated under the care of Don Bosco Navajeevan in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. Those having no homes to return are provided care by the Don Bosco institutions.

The Sneha Bhavan is a collaborative agency for implementing the projects of Child Line in Ernakulam district. It believes that the best form of rehabilitation is providing opportunity for such displaced children to return to their homes and native places, said P.D. Thomas, Director, and Mathew Thomas, Executive Director, Sneha Bhavan.


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