Kenya and Ireland work together – Helping street kids of Nairobi

Derry’s Multicultural Diversity Group SEEDS joined with the Changaro Trust to develop an international project to help young street children in Nairobi, Kenya.
This historic venture will see the Trust building a purpose built social, residential and educational centre offering young children in Nairobi an opportunity to improve the quality of their lives.
The Changaro Trust was formally launched yesterday at the Guildhall by the Mayor, Helen Quigley, SEEDS Director Eddie Kerr and Changaro Trust Director Kennedy Keraro.
Speaking to the ‘Journal’, Eddie Kerr explained: "This project will see us creating a purpose-built social and educational centre for young people in Nairobi to give them the opportunity of a better life."
Mr. Kerr revealed that when the project is underway, SEEDS will eventually be looking for volunteers to go and work in Kenya and help make the dream a reality.
"We’ll be trying to recruit groups of young people from here and builders from here to actually go and build the centre. Firstly though, we will be fundraising for the building," he said.
The Kenyan land in question belongs to Changaro Trust Director Kennedy Keraro, who is making it available for the use of the Trust.
Mr. Keraro told the ‘Journal’: "I came here from Kenya and so I know the need that exists out there. This project is payback for me, I want to give something back to that community, really."
Mr. Keraro said that the project will also be formally launched in Kenya too, and added: "Now we are formalising everything and then we will begin with the fundraising.
With regard to a starting date for the project, Mr. Keraro added: "It’s my land and it would be my dream to start the project next week, but there are many practical things that need to be done first."
Official estimates put the number of street children in Nairobi between 50,000-60,000.
A study done by UNESCO revealed that nearly 60% of street children in Nairobi do not attend school, while 37% of the caretakers of the children are children themselves, mostly girls.
The Changaro Trust will help promote advocacy and will lobby for the rights of the street child at various levels, from grassroots to policy.
30 January 2007

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