Street kids flood capital

Street kids flood capital
Stories by Howard Mavuso

Seemingly the number of street children around the Mbabane City is increasing day after day.

Most of these children are aged between 11-14 years. They blame their abusive parents for abandoning their homes for the streets. This newspaper yesterday decided to talk to some of the street children about why they were roaming the streets instead of having permanent homes.

Jeremiah Nhlabatsi (12) Lavumisa

Just before my father passed way, my mother left us and I had to stay with my grandmother. After a few months, I was approached by a certain woman who promised me a job. I stayed with her for a year at Siphocosini and she made me cook for her and look after her cattle. She never paid me and I decided to run away. I am now staying around Mgababa in Mbabane with my friends. I have never been to school in my life.

Gcina Nkhomonde (13) Phila Nkhomonde (12) Mpaka

We came to stay with our mother at Nkwalini but since she was going out with this man (step father) who would always come back home drunk, beat us up and tell us to go back to where we came from, we decided to run away.

We ran away because even our mother did not care about what was happening to us.

Mbongiseni Dlamini (13) Pine Valley

Both my parents passed away and I was left with my sister who then started to abuse me. She used me as a servant. I would go to town, get a bit of some money and she would take it. I went to stay with my grandmother but it was the same because two days would pass without me getting anything to eat.

I am surviving because I get money to buy food and have shelter where I can sleep.

Sandile Khumalo (12) Mvutjini

My mother works at Mountain Inn hotel and she said I should never come back home. They accused me of theft, which I never committed. I wish I could go back to school.


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