…Please help – Municipal Council of Mbabane

…Please help – Municipal Council of Mbabane

Public Relations officer of the Municipal Council of Mbabane Bongani Dlamini said they were greatly concerned about the street children around town.

He said the last time they were assisted by the Swaziland Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation of Offenders (SACRO). He said council might not know the real reason why the children decided to live their families, but they should be reunited with their families.

…But parents disown the street kids – SACRO

THE Swaziland Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation of offenders (SACRO) says the public should stop spoiling street children by offering them money or gifts.

Sihle Hadebe says as an organisation they are concerned about the number of street kids around the city. He says they have tried to locate the families of the children but the parents do not want anything to do with them.

“As a company working very closely with street children in trying to find ways of how we can unite them with their parents, last year we noticed that the number of street kids around the city was rising. We tried to talk to them but they disappeared back in the streets until the festive seasons,” he says.

He says most of the children who are around the city were once accommodated at the centre. He adds that one of the reasons which might have led them to leave could be that after getting their last meal they were expected to go back to their homes. He states that when these children came to the centre, they were given food, clothes and toiletry and that made them feel at home for some time because they claimed to have been abused by their parents or guardians.

“It was difficult for us because some will tell you that they are from Lavumisa, Hluti and Mpaka. There is this other parent from Mvutjini who told us that there was no way she could take her son back because he was causing too much trouble. She said she tried to talk to him but he never changed,” he says.

He adds that these children then ran away from the centre and never came back because no one gave them money and that they do not want to work.

He says parents should stop abusing their children because this is the most contributory factor to such cases. He says it is true that some of them just want to do their own will. He further suggests that if the public can stop giving them money they will just disappear from the streets.

…We cannot intervene in street children’s issues -SWAGaA

THE Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA) has said they would not get involved in issues concerning street children.

This was said by one Nkhululeko Simelane during an interview yesterday. When asked what action they took on issues that have to do with street kids, she said they only acted once someone had reported something.

“We cannot just take any story from anyone then deal with it. If anyone has a problem it’s his or her duty to report it,” she said.


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