‘King of Scotland’ star voices Community Channel doc

‘King of Scotland’ star voices Community Channel doc

Thursday, January 11 2007, 10:19 GMT

By Joanne Oatts, Media Correspondent

James McAvoy, star of new film The Last King of Scotland, is supporting the film’s chosen charity RETRAK, by narrating a documentary for the Community Channel.

Called On The Tigers Trail: Hope for Street Children in Uganda, the half-hour programme shows how the charity is helping street boys whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS, abuse and rejection, through a project called the Tigers Club.

McAvoy said: "It was a real pleasure to voice a documentary that highlights the great work that this invaluable charity does with street kids – they don’t just throw money at Uganda’s homeless problem, they support the human from childhood to adulthood by providing them with many opportunities, whether educational or professional."

In The Last King of Scotland, McAvoy plays a young Scottish doctor who by chance becomes the personal physician to the Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin, played by Forest Whitaker.

Director Kevin MacDonald, and producers Lisa Bryer and Andrea Calderwood were keen to support a local children’s charity whilst making the film, and even used some of the street kids from the Tigers Club as film extras.

Bryer said: "Having the Community Channel show a documentary about the Tigers Club, will enable us to reach out to many, many more people and hopefully access more interest and finance to enable more of the street children of Kampala to have a life worth living."

The documentary premieres on the Community Channel at 9.30pm on Friday January 12, on the same day the film is released in the UK.


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