Just like the lizard

Just like the lizard

Thanks to the Green Gecko Home, Sanyam has a future.

THE Green Gecko project was begun by Tania Palmer and Rem Poum to help the street kids of Siem Reap.  

Why green? Well, the colour has much meaning in Asia, says Palmer’s website for the home, greengeckoproject.org. It symbolises eternity, family, harmony, health and prosperity; it signifies life, growth, renewal and freshness and has a strong emotional correspondence with safety and healing. 

It also suggests stability and endurance – something desperately lacking in these children’s lives. 

And why gecko? Well, they are the only lizards that can make loud vocalisations – just like these kids! 

Also like the kids, geckos are nocturnal. And when a gecko is caught by its tail, it can release it to escape, which reflects the children’s innate ability to survive. Of course, geckos live in South-East Asia, just these kids do. Lastly, baby geckos don’t receive any parental care – something many of these children can identify with! 


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