Namibia: Laws On Street Children Needed

Namibia: Laws On Street Children Needed
The Namibian (Windhoek)

December 5, 2006

Absalom Shigwedha

NAMIBIAN lawmakers were yesterday urged to come up with laws aimed at keeping orphans and other vulnerable children from ending up living on the street.

The call was made by National Council (NC) Deputy Chairperson Margareth Mensah-Williams in the House of Review yesterday.

Speaking during debate on the Report of the NC Standing Committee on Gender, Youth Participation and Information on the plight of street children, Mensah-Williams said the legislative arm of Government needed to come up with laws to help them.

"These children come from our society and we cannot turn our backs on them," she said.

Mensah-Williams said something also needed to be done about prostitution.

She said while prostitution was illegal in Namibia, a law should also be introduced to punish those who pay for sex.

She said both sides should get equal treatment before the law.


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