Street Children Turn to Sex Workers

Street Children Turn to Sex Workers        
The Monitor (Kampala)
November 29, 2006
Aliga Issa

THE majority of street children in Masaka have turned into prostitutes and homosexuals. The Manager of Buddukiro Children’s Agency, Kassim Wamono revealed during a press conference at the offices of South Buganda Journalists Association in Masaka on Nov 20. "Street children come from poor families and so they resort to sex trade in towns for survival," he said.

He attributed this to abject poverty and domestic violence at house hold levels. He said 75 percent of these children are orphans whose parents died of HIV/Aids.

However 400 street children have been re-integrated into the society from his and 35 of whom are currently pursuing their studies in primary, secondary schools and other tertiary institutions.

The organisation was founded in1996.It is funded by Jerres des Nommes-Netherlands.


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