France calls for Street kids SOS

France calls for Street kids SOS
The French government has called on the international Community to support Africa in tackling the growing problem of street kids and unemployed youths.

French Ambassador to Zambia, Francis Suadubray said African military forces can be effectively engaged to solve the problem of youth employment and street kids.

He said this in Lusaka, when he closed a one day seminar held under the Auspices of the African Development Forces.

Speaking in French Mr. Saudubray also called on the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)to woe the World Bank to support the project which is modeled under the Zambia National Service street kids training program.

Zambia National Service (ZNS) Commandant, Michael Mbao said ZNS needs $4.6 million to train 2,000 street kids every 18 months.

Maj. Gen. Mbao said the money is required for training infrastructure and training aids.

The strategy is spearheaded by the French Government.


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