Street Kids of Kathmandu

Street Kids of Kathmandu
by Roshan Tulachan
Iam a little boy
Only flesh and bone,
No mother have I for love
My father he has left me alone.
When I scratch my skin peels
All night Iam crying and Iam crying,
Hell God only knows how I feels.

I don’t know what to do?
Don’t know where to go?
My pain! thats all I know.
But,I’d like to go
Go where I could find my friends,
People say,they are in Kathmandu
With their rags and tattered souls,
Where the streets burn
Flames of hunger like burning coals.

People say,they sleep and sprawl
Beneath the shop windows,
With blows on their head
And flies over their scabs,
Glue sniffing their nose.
They wake up with mad dogs
That have forgotten to growl,
Counting plastic trash,empty bottles
With their dry lips,
Breaking a hard bread from yesterday.

Copyright 2006 Roshan Tulachan


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