‘Lack of love in homes increasing street children’

‘Lack of love in homes increasing street children’
by Chikumbutso Ndaferankhande , 20 October 2006 – 03:27:09
Chisomo Children’s Club, an organization dealing with street children say one of the factors promoting the tendency of street vending is lack of loved for the children by parents and guardians.
This was said on Wednesday at Dzundu Primary school in Zalewa village, T/A Saimon, Blantyre when the organization held a sensitization and discussion meeting with the community on the cause of street vending and how the problem can be solved.
One of the facilitators Phoebe Kufeyani said unfair and biased treatment of orphans by guardians in homes force them join the streets. She added in the face of HIV and AIDS, orphan hood was on the increase. She decried the tendency of property grabbing by relations, which makes the deceased children poor.
“Orphans aren’t difficult to raise, they just need love. We as guardians and parents should borrow a leaf from families whose children are succeeding,” she said.
The communities discussed that some of the problems the children meet when they go to streets included being shouted at, having nowhere to sleep, the risk of girls being raped and the children learning bad behaviours.
It was resolved that parents/guardians should teach the children good behaviour, spiritual upbringing and send the children to school, which was a right to them.
The organization’s Programme manager ken Mkwinda appealed to the community to give the children a chance and not raise them harshly. He said they should be given a chance to education because they are future leaders. He also urged chiefs and religious leaders to work jointly in curbing the vice.

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