New Melville haven for street children opens this Sunday

New Melville haven for street children opens this Sunday

By Jacques Clifford
GAUTENG – A new haven for street children will soon be up and running in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.
Supported by the Melville Union Church, Thembalethu Ministries is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to provide care, support, education and skills training for children wandering the streets of Melville, Auckland Park and the surrounding areas.
“We are committed to reaching teenagers from the streets who have nowhere else to go,” said assistant pastor Mark Grieve.
Operating from the Melville Union Church in Ditton Avenue, the ministry supports about 12 neighbourhood street children.
“We offer them skills training, food, clothing and general support three times a week,” Grieve said.
“With the launch on Sunday, we aim to show people exactly what we do and the obstacles we face,” he said, adding the ministry hoped to gather funds and support from the public in order to serve the children seven days a week.
The ministry has already bought one home, housing seven schoolgoing boys. Its vision for next year is to buy two more properties; one to house street girls and another to use as a “halfway” home for those who struggle with drugs and cannot enrol at school.
The number of orphans is on the rise, due to Aids and poverty.
The launch of Thembalethu Ministries will take place at the Melville Union Church on Sunday from 3pm to 4.30. – CNS.

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