Down There: Luanda Nightlife

Down There: Luanda Nightlife

Blog entry about a visit to Luanda….

"When we left, we were immediately besieged by a bunch of street kids. They chased after us as we got into the car, hoping to get a tip for “looking after” the car. As I had already agreed to pay an official guard to watch the car, I didn’t give the kids anything. They began yelling and insisting that we give them something. The guard was of course of absolutely no help when I actually had a need for security. He disappeared as soon as he got his tip. There must have been at least 8 of them and they were getting more and more aggressive. They started banging on the windows and yelling that they were going to break the windows or puncture the tires. Since other cars were blocking my exit, there was no escaping their little fists of fury. By this time, any sympathy I had for them as street children had evaporated, and there was no way I was giving the little fuckers a kwanza, although I was getting nervous that a window was going to shatter at any moment. Finally, somebody moved their car, and I drove off, with a couple of them hanging on to the car for a few seconds."


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