Our trip to Zambia 2006

 (Blog excerpt)

Our trip to Zambia 2006

Hi all, we’re back from our trip to Zambia. We returned on Monday 14th August after a 10 day stay in the country (2.8.06 – 14.8.06).

We went with 8 other members of our church (Vineyard) from Loughton, Essex, to a project called ‘Beautiful Gate’. This project takes the form of a school based in Ndeke village, Kitwe. The school is free for 200 children, many of whom are orphaned because of the HIV/AIDS virus. The project also runs an outreach scheme for Street kids in Kitwe city.

Whilst there we worked at a new school site, carrying bricks that had been made with a brick machine that had been funded by the church and baked in the sun, and planted grass in furrows ready to become a new playing field. We ran holiday activities for the school children, visited Street children giving out new clothes and visited Robert Compound, a place populated by 8000 Zambians, where most of the school children come from. We also provided a ‘clinic’ where it was able to provide simple First Aid and care.


“It was amazing to see the children run to greet us every morning. There was of course a language barrier but it was not hard to see the love and appreciation on their faces. We were made to feel very welcome and were told to consider Robert Compound as our second home. It is for me my second home now. I definitely want to return now that I know what peoples needs are. I want to make a difference to these peoples lives. They have so little but are always happy and welcoming.”


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