Art workshop for street children

Art workshop for street children

NGO Pratham and artist Rouble Nagi organise 8-day camp for 900 children
Express News Service

Mumbai, September 3: In an effort to encourage and develop creativity among underprivileged children, artist Rouble Nagi in association with NGO Pratham, organised an eight-day ‘Rounak Art Camp’ that began in Nutan Vidya Mandir from Saturday.

Pratham, a non-profit organisation started in the slums of India in 1994, works in the primary education sector.

“The objective of the programme is to bring out the latent talents in children, who otherwise, don’t get an opportunity to show off their artistic skills. The response so far has been overwhelming,” said Nagi, who is also a muralist with over 800 murals to her credit.

While the first day saw 208 participants, the number is expected to cross 900 over the next seven sessions. During the art workshops, children between the age group of 6-14 years will create paintings based on specific themes like scenery, landscape etc.

After the event, 100 short listed children will be taken for a seven-day Diwali camp and of these, the top 50 will get prize money of Rs 1,000 to 1,500 from Nagi. The artist will further shortlist 25 children and train them at her Andheri studio.

“I want the street children to learn something that’s meaningful instead of begging or getting involved in illegal activities,” she said.

An unique feature of the camp is that it also includes children from various schools. “The camp seeks to blend the mainstream and the not-so-privileged children, as we believe social interaction helps develop creativity in children,” Nagi added."


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