Fears for Bangladeshi street kids

Rippon lives on the streets in Bangladesh


There are concerns about the number of children who are living rough on the streets of Bangladesh.

Latest figures show there are now 670,000 homeless children living there, a third more than there were in 2000.

That’s because many families move from the country to the city to find work but find it hard to get housing. So the kids are often forced onto the streets.

Lots of their children end up living in places like railway stations because they have nowhere else to go.

Rippon has been living in a railway station for a year since his mum died. He doesn’t know how old he is.

Children at open air school

Every day he sits on the steps of the railway station hoping to earn tips from carrying people’s suitcases and bags. Security guards often try to move him on.

He said: "I don’t feel good. The police disturb us at night. They beat us. And there’s no food here.

"If I’m hungry I drink water and try to go to sleep."


There is hope for some homeless children who can go to an open-air school that was set up in the railway station but there are not many places.

Experts are warning that unless the street children are given somewhere to live their problems will only get worse. In 10 years time there could be up to a million children living on the streets of Bangladesh.


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